Free text entry reporting to LMS

Oct 15, 2021

We have Cornerstone as our LMS. We are creating some level 3 evaluation questions that are designed as free text and exports as SCORM 2004.

We need the LMS report to show exactly what they've typed in. Currently, we have a series of multiple choice questions and two of these free text entry boxes.

We've seen the process whereby you create a connected variable to a hidden question slide, but not sure if this is still the right method. It seems very clunky.

What is the easiest way to get this done? We have SL 360.




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Louisa James

I'm at a crossroad now as our LMS people are saying that the essay questions are not recording even though I see the essay answers in my ScormCloud events. 

Our company LMS is Cornerstone.

Can someone take a look at this short module and let me know if it's functioning and reporting properly?


Carolyn Kunz

We use CSOD where I work, and I was able to pull data using your module. First, I change your SCORM from 2004 2nd edition to 3rd. We were told by CS to use the 3rd edition.

I used Reporting 2.0 to pull the data: Training title in the header (your module), User fullname, Quiz Question Description, Quiz Response.

I hope this helps!