Free Timers- storyline 2 template

Oct 04, 2016

While working on a template created by Richard Hill, I saw a new usage of Articulate's animation effects. He simply created a box which had a wheel effect finishing in 30 seconds.  Timer You can see his interaction here

I really liked the idea. By using his template, I made another game in which users try to find the pairs to win a ticket to get on the plane. So, I decided to create a plane timer which takes off in 60 seconds. In addition to animation, I also used motion paths to move the plane. 

You can see it here.

Then I wanted to make some different timers which can be used for different interactions. 

So far, I prepared three different timers; snail, plane, and death timers. 

Here is the demo;

You can download the story below. Enjoy it. 



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