Full Time Position - New York

If you live in upstate New York (or are interested in relocating) check out this job posting.

The position is currently posted with two sets of qualification.. we are looking for a trainer OR a developer... so if you love developing in Storyline... this may be the job for you.

As mentioned above, this position is located in upstate NY (not New York City as people often think!)

Feel free to share with friends and neighbors :)

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Helene Sobelman

I posted our vacancy in the jobs section as you suggested a few months ago... we had since filled the position and it has once again become vacant... so i was looking to repost it... but i keep getting an error message that reads:

Uh oh! That job already exists in our system. If you posted it previously and it no longer appears in the jobs list, please visit your profile page to edit the listing and reactivate it. If you need assistance please contact us.

I have tried to do that.. but I can't figure out how to get in and reactivate it... am i missing something?