Game Idea - Rings of Uncertainty

Jan 22, 2018

Rings of Uncertainty Title Image

This drag and drop game is based on a UK game show called '5 Gold Rings'.

You'll be presented with an image which you should study for 5 seconds when the picture will be covered and you'll be asked to locate a point on the image. You'll have 20 seconds to drag one of the rings to the point that you think is correct.

Note that there are 3 rings of different sizes - the smallest is worth 100 points and the largest 25 points. Obviously the smaller the ring the harder it is to intersect with the correct location.

When the image is uncovered you'll see how close you were. If you intersect the correct spot you'll get the points; if not you'll lose one of your three lives.

There are 12 randomly questions in this example - see if you can get to the end. Fiendishly simple; frustratingly difficult.

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