Gamification in a corporate LMS

Jul 22, 2016

Hi all,

I am starting to explore LMS options for my current company. Over the last year, I have seen a lot of articles about gamification features within systems. I think it started in academia but has started to make its way into the corporate systems as well.

Does anyone have an LMS with gamification features? If so, how do you use it and how has it been received by the workforce? If you don't mind, please share the vendor you use as well.

Thanks so much!

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Nicole Legault

Hi Ian!

Thanks for posting your question about gamification for LMS!  I can't recommend any specific LMS but I can help you out (hopefully!) by pointing you to some past discussions on this topic, where you might get some new insights...

Hope you find these helpful! Best of luck to you finding the perfect LMS :)

sumeet zarkar

Hi Lan,

Corporate LMS Gamification is a powerful in eLearning feature to increase learner engagement. To engage and motivate learners, reward performance and improve communications across your organization gamification plays a very important role.

I will suggest you choose Corporate LMS which gives you below gamification features 

  • Award Points for Participation


  • Integrate a Leaderboard to Rank Your Heavy Users


  • Create a Virtual Currency to Apply Reward Discounts on your Retail Site


  • Allow Your Users to Earn Status


  • Create Tangible Rewards for Your Users Who Participate, like Stickers


  • Incentivise Profile Completeness


  • Reward Your Users for Creating Content or Ideas


  • Incentivise Content Creation with Financial Reward


  • Motivate Your Visitors to Register


  • Motivate Your Users to Refer a Friend by Giving Away a Little of What You Offer


  • Motivate Your Users to Link to You


  • Implement a QA System for Long Tail and User Votes


  • Create Badges that Evidence Expertise (and add to your user profile pages)


  • Award Points and Badges for Comments


  • Focus Social Activity on a Shared Outcome



Ian Mondrow

Thanks for your feedback! I have implemented an LMS since this post. This vendor is currently testing their gamification so its not currently active. However, the demo was quite impressive. They agreed to have it implemented by the end of the year.

I can't say who I have implemented. However, if gamification is something you desire, I recommend the following providers:

1) Docebo (Be prepared to pay through the nose. Also I found their customer service to be lackluster)

2) Growth Engineering (Great system. Built around the gamification functionality. Reporting module is somewhat limiting)

3) Litmos (Security roles are limited to pre-built roles. I desire flexibility to create my own roles).

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