Gamification Storyline 2 - The Song of the Fire

May 17, 2016


The following lesson is my effort to incorporate gamification features into a classic question quiz. The lesson is entitled “The Song of the Fire” and it presents the Fall of Constantinople (Istanbul) in 1453. It addresses eleven-year-old pupils at the subject of History (Greek).

Incorporated Features:
1. Scenario. The pupil is asked to defend Constantinople if he/she wishes to do so.
2. He/She chooses a character. There are two different types of soldiers.
3. The questions take the form of trials.
4. If the questions are answered correctly, the pupils win some emblems.
5. The pupils are given explicit instructions about what they must do.
6. There is also a time limit.

I added a musical background to emphasise the dramatic element of an empire about to fall. I used graphics that are related to that era. I tried to make the pupils feel that they travel through time to the actual scene and participate to the battle.

“The Song of the Fire”

Greek version

I hope you find interesting...

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