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Nancy Woinoski

Brian Griffin said:

Bruce Graham said:

Hi Harri

Have you seen this thread?

Hope you are well...

There's a sample in that thread but the link is broken... Anyway, I saw GoAnimate and I think it's a really cool tool. We still need to try it with a real project, though.

Hi yah, sorry. I removed the example from my dropbox and now can't find it.

Eric Nalian

Hey Harri,

I have used Go Animate in many courses that I have created - The videos come out great! However, when published in Storyline the quality is greatly reduced.  I end up replacing the published video file with the original video file (need to make sure the file name is the same) and it looks so much better.

Also, I either think it is not possible, or I haven't figured it out yet - but I couldn't change the size of the GoAnimate video so I was stuck with the default video size.

Here is a sample video