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Nov 10, 2016

This is a little feature in Articulate 360 but could of use to so many users out there. Especially those who use go animate video scribe, and powtoons.

Any Peek video you upload can be downloaded as a scorm and you can set what percentage complete the video needs to be!

But even better you can upload any video and download the same way, this is so cool! It means the end of me putting videos into Storyline as a Scorm wrapper!

Also it is more accurate than doing that because you have a percentage complete option! Thanks Articulate!

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They would rather skip the video and guess the answers while taking  the quiz. They are not currently being held accountable. The reality is that not everyone has an intrinsic desire to learn and they do not see the value in watching them. Even though they are actually spending more time retaking quizzes. I do not own the videos in question. I have nothing to do with their production or implementation. 


These videos are mainly for monthly menu specials. The videos introduce the food items and then walk the viewer through the steps to prepare them.  I've been auditing our files and some of them run up to 9 minutes long, which is part of the problem.  Our solution for our current video is to have the chef say a key word or phrase at a random place in the video but, I think we can do better overall. 

Kyle Paruszkiewicz

Anyone else having issues utilizing the function that Phil originally commented on with Internet Explorer? I was able to upload the video to Review, publish as SCORM 1.2, and load to LMS. The file won't play when launched via the LMS in IE, but works fine in Chrome and Firefox. Company standard browser is IE and must get special approval to use other browser on individual basis, so just telling uses to use browser other than IE is not an option. Thanks!

Steve Flowers

Hi, Kyle - 

I have a module that I've uploaded that I just tested in IE11 and Edge. What version of IE are you testing in on your end?

One thing that might be monkey-wrenching the works is enterprise mode or compatibility mode. It looks like the video uses the video tag. This isn't supported in older versions of IE. Some LMS products, like CSOD, allow you to tell the system whether or not to use compatibility mode. In CSOD, for example, if you set the content to IE7/8/9 compatibility then no modern browser features will work. It'll make IE behave like an ancient, useless, security hole ridden, piece of technology. If you're using a newer version of IE, you might want to check into the way the LMS is serving up the content.

Steve Flowers

If you Right-click in the player window once the video popup is generated (or however it's launched) you can choose Inspect then Emulation. If the browser is in compatibility mode, you should see something like IE7 / IE8 in the User Agent string. If it says Microsoft Edge, the LMS isn't likely the problem. If it's something older, the LMS or a local policy are kicking you into compatibility mode.

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