Google Cloud Text to Speech Conversion

May 13, 2018

Has anyone used Google cloud text-speech API to convert text to natural sounding voice?
I have been using AWS's Poly but the sample file I listened to from the Google's T to S was more natural sounding than Poly (way better).
Am interested in looking more into it or finding out how others have used it.

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Yvonne Leklou

The sample sounded very clear and much more natural than Articulate 360's or Amazon Poly. However, I just tried to open a trial account and I have already spent 15 minutes just trying to get to the right screen to test it... and still am not able to find the process. So, I would say so far... it is just as intuitive as Adobe products. 

Leah Washburn

I'm exploring this option as well... it seems very complicated with a lot of coding and like it's more intended for mobile app developers.  I'll be curious to hear if anyone has successfully used it for eLearning because the "Wave Net" voices really do sound better!  It's also still in Beta, so I'm hopeful that it will continue to improve and become more user-friendly.

Maxwell Dziku

I agree. Would be nice when/if they roll out a more user-friendly interface like the AWS where you simply dump your text and convert to speech. 

Alternatively, perhaps articulate could look into using this service either as an add-on to the current text-to-speech in storyline or replacement if it is better.