Graphic Design for eLearning

Apologies if there's already a discussion about this but, I wanted to pose the question:

How does graphic design for eLearning differ from graphic design for other purposes (i.e. marketing, presentations, websites, apps)?

Personally, I know what I like, what looks good to me, and what generally gets positive feedback from others. But I thought I would put the question out there to see what other fellow IDs have to say about the topic.

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Tristan Hunt

Had a discussion about this yesterday actually... I am working on a module that has some really cool graphics we had a design company come up with. The initial round of feedback from SMEs came back that some of the buttons in the modules looked out of place along side the illustrations. I played around with other ways of using the illustrations style etc but then the issue was the buttons didn't stand out enough from the content. If you just wanted to look at the pretty pictures and read the text all good but it didn't engage the learner to interact with the module.


Michelle Leon

Good point, Tristan. I definitely find that when it comes to instructional design, simpler graphics are better. And because modules are more interactive than presentations, it is definitely important to make sure that the navigation is as clear as possible. I've watched people of various occupational backgrounds take my module and if they're not used to working on a computer, they can easily miss the "Next" button that (to me) seems to be right in front of them.

I've noticed a trend in buttons and how there is more spacing between the button label and its border.