Graphic design with Storyline courses

Jan 22, 2022

Hello ! 

I am a LMS manager who sometime create courses with Storyline for small projects. 

I would like to know if there are courses about graphic design with Storyline that exist.   I would like to get better and I feel I would need help to improve the esthetic of my projects.   Our suppliers are creating amazing projects even if they are not using very complex programming and I would like to get ideas, principles of graphic design to produces project that are looking more professional than what I can actually do. 

Is there anyone who already took a course  that is an introduction to graphic design that was helpful to develop projects ?  


Thank you and have a nice day ! 

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Bruno Vaillancourt

Thank you Sarah !    It seems very interesting and I will take a closer look this week.   I saw also in the community that some users share good books that they enjoyed so I think I have good references to start improving. 

Also thank you Nancy: it is a very good start !   It is very interesting to let the learner build is own menu.    Thank you for sharing ! 

Have a nice day,