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Apr 19, 2011

Hello everyone!

I'm looking for a little help with some graphic design work I need.   Does anyone know of a relatively easy to use site where I can have a few custom graphics made up?  I'm not looking for a large scale huge project, I just need some hand drawn cartoons drawn up.  I was looking for something like we get with internetjock,com for our audio, where it is completely done over the web.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Poornima Ramachandran

In case you would like to give a try by yourself...

Honestly, Power point is the greatest place to start. You can do wonders with the freeform, bevel tool etc.

For instance, the Carnival template I talked about in my blog ( is built exclusively in Power Point (except for the joker clip art).  

If it's clip art, Microsoft Clip Art (  is a good one. The advantage being you can edit the clip arts to best suit your requirements.

You will find some character animations in

Icons -,

Check out this link for some cool hand drawn icons -

You can also search in Google itself (Advanced search, and give file type as Line drawing). Most of the line sketches will be black. To give it more of a pencil drawn effect, you can take it to PPT, and recolor with pencil grey.   

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