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Apr 02, 2014

Hi all - Just like so many of us , I regularly consult the Internet for all kind of 'content' that I can use in my eLearning courses. Sometimes you bump into 'content' that let you think ... this is so amazing .... this must be shared with other members of the Articulate community. Unfortunately, because of our busyness we go on with our search and forget to share.

To facilitate this sharing with other community members Pinterest might be helpful. With just one click you can share the 'content' with all your followers. It is even more fun when you create a 'group-board'. A group-board gives you the chance to also allow your followers to add all kind of stuff to the board. 

Actualy, I just created a group-board to share all kinds of content with the community. You can find it by following the link below. (please let me know if you want to add some of your own 'content' to share) But more important for me at this time is to find out what do you think about this way of sharing.



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Dianne  Hope

Fantastic idea Paul!  I've started using Pinterest to manage my personal knowledge and find it a great place to pin lots of things, then come back to them.  

Do you intend to create different boards?  It might become a bit difficult to sort through the pins otherwise.

I would like to add some content - can you let me know how I can do this?  I've got a great Infographic on "The Complete Guide to Using Pinterest Group Boards" I want to pin - for now I've put this on my own board here: 


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