Guiding through Filling a Form

Jan 06, 2016

I've tried searching this, but did not find what I'm looking for.

I need to review how to complete a form for some employee training.

The goal is to present a "how to", and then have the person complete a "Sample" as we go.  So they would have to fill in a series of fields, hit "submit", and then the course continues to the next section.

Then the form comes back with the information they inserted previously, so they can continue completing the form, and so on till the form is completed.

Once the form is done, a "submit" button would send a copy of their form, along with the quiz results, to our LMS.

I'm trying to figure out how to build this "form".

Currently, we have them print it, and fill it in manually, and then scan it and e-mail it, but I'd like to move the whole process online.

Any suggestions on a progressive form training?


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Patti Bryant

Hi Alex!

This Sales software training course might be something similar to what you are looking for:

From how you describe what you need, it looks like you would take several screenshots - basically a screenshot after each step of the form is completed. Then, as the user progresses through the screens, it 'fills out'.

I would also provide a realistic scenario surrounding the completion of the form, instead of a simple 'here's how to fill out the form'. 

If you have other questions, or this doesn't make sense, please let me know.

Keepin' the joy,

Michael Shannon

Hey Alex. We had a similar situation and what we had to do is create a PDF with fields. The learner has the PDF open while going through the course and fills it out. They save it when finished and then email the PDF. This would simplify your current process but not get you to where you really want to be. 

The hiccup is really the LMS. At least it was for us. You have to have an LMS that can handle the data that you are attempting to collect. In my experience most LMSs don't have the capability to handle that type of data. 

Bob S

Michael has this exactly right.

There are a (scant) few LMSs that can accept documents uploaded by learners, but there is no scoring of them. IF the LMS has this upload function at all..... AND it can tie to overall course completion (rarer yet).... then it would still be binary in the sense that the LMS can only see if they uploaded a document y/n.

Another choice entirely.....  Think sideways and perhaps your "form" can actually be created as a "quiz" in Storyline. Then it could be scored and tracked easily. Just a thought.

Vaibhav Arya

Hi Patti, this incredible work at looks like an absolute fit to my requirements, though sounds too much of technical doings to someone naive like me. So, if possible, could you please recommend some tutorial video or flow structure to construct something like this. Will appreciate it with full of my heart. Many thanks in advance :)

Sarah Hodge

Hi Lauren! There are a few ways to go about this. Here’s an awesome example by Jackie Van Nice that shows the different form elements.

You can also check out the e-learning challenge submissions for some inspiration:

If you’re looking for more of a software simulation type form, you may want to look at the Test mode of a screen recording. This automatically creates questions based on what and where the user clicks, enters content, etc.  

I hope that helps!