Have mercy on a newbie - How to use the templates

OK I'll preface this conversation by saying that I am an extreme newbie, so all of the information that you pros are sharing is greatly appreciated.  My question is, how do I actually use a template that someone has posted?  We're using PowerPoint now (moving to Storyline 2 soon) in a very basic way (the dreaded header and bullets) so I want to use interactive methods.  I found a fabulous PowerPoint template titled Powerpoint '13: Realistic Desktop Interaction created by Trina Rimmer but when I download it, I lose all of the amazing animation functions.  Thanks for any help! 

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Trina Rimmer

Hi Angela and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! I'm tickled to hear that you downloaded my template (not to mention calling it 'fabulous"). 

So here's the good news: You're not doing anything wrong and I can help you out!

Bad news: The animations in the published output you aren't present in the download version. That's because when I put this together, I assumed that folks would be using this project primarily for its bits & pieces—the file folder, the mug, the paperclip, etc. 

Thankfully, I've got the published version (with animations) stored in my files. Here's a link to the animated version so you can download it and repurpose it for your project.

Hope this helps you out & saves you some time.