Have you ever done this type of course?

I want to try something new to engage my unique audience. Because I've never done a course in the format I propose below, I wanted to get some additional opinions! Is there anything I should be thinking about - any potential pitfalls you see right of the bat (except age of the content), or anything that could be further enhanced?

Our annual meeting is the last week of September, and I have a bunch of recorded content from the 2012 annual meeting. The particular content I want to use contains 7, 30-min presentations on related topics. Whereas our audience could benefit from some structure, here's what I'm thinking. I'd do a 7-week course, released 2 weeks after this year's annual meeting to a) keep the momentum going and b) be able to do some marketing at this year's annual meeting. They'd have Mon&Tues of each week to watch the video, Weds&Thurs to participate on a discussion board (my LMS allows me the opportunity to require a learner post), and Friday to complete the post test for that week's video. I'd slot a small handful of my presenters to answer GENERAL questions that appear on the discussion board.

I'd appreciate any thoughts/ideas you're willing to share!


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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Heidi: Good for you for thinking differently. A few thoughts:

1. 30 minutes is a lot of presentation to get through. I'd suggest breaking up the presentations into chapters, so the learner isn't plowing through a 30-minute chunk. Give learners the freedom to scrub through video. If I were using Storyline, I'd probably included some interactive video elements: questions to learners after especially good points, in particular. Perhaps some reflective questions, as well.

2. I'd be concerned about what might appear to be "forced participation on the discussion board." Of course, I don't know your situation, but I'd suggest brainstorming how you are going to get them to participate without forcing them. The age-old question: "How can I make them WANT to participate?" Can you acknowledge or reward participation somehow? Maybe the higher-ups could get involved.

3. Again, I don't know your situation, but do you have to test them? Seems the vibe you are going for is "hey, everyone let's keep the conversation going and learn at the same time." A "test" might kill the buzz? Hope that helps you think through this, and again, good for you for thinking differently. --Daniel