Mar 06, 2016

I am very new to Storyline and am trying to create examples to build a portfolio.  One example a friend asked me to build is a multiplication timed test. I may be overly ambitious with an early project, but I am really struggling with getting things to work properly.  Can anyone help me???

Here are some of the issues I am facing:

* On the 1.2 Directions, I want the number to change to its "selected" state when the student completes that test.  That is not happening.

* On the Results Slides (any of them), the Review Quiz option is not working (not linking to anything)

* I specifically have the Results slide for Factor 2 looking different because I wanted something nicer to display the results.  This slide did not appear when I previewed the project so I am not sure the problem there.

* I saw another example on this website where someone used the circles on the results slide to represent the % correct for the user, but I don't know how that is done.  Results for Factor 2 was my failing attempt.

* After completing one quiz and returning to slide 1.2 Directions, I cannot select another test.  A new slide will appear, but it just said "Correct" and "Incorrect" and would not let me enter an answer to the question.

Because I am doing this on my free time and don't currently have an instructional designer position, I feel that having no official training in the Software is working against me.  The tutorials are wonderful, and the examples are inspiring, but I am really at a loss of how to do anything "fancy".  I would appreciate any and all feedback.  Thank you!

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Nancy Woinoski

I took a look at your file and for starters I think it is way too large. I have never seen a project with over 800 slides. I think you will have real performance issues if you try to deploy this on an LMS or website.

I think one reason your results slides are not working as intended it that you don't submit any results to the results slide. On each of the quiz slides you need to have a trigger to submit the interaction. In your case you need to set up a trigger to submit the interaction Numeric when the user presses the enter key since you are not using a submit button. This trigger should come before the trigger to jump to the next slide.

On slide 1.2 get rid of all the hover triggers and all the select triggers - you don't need these. When you add a hover or select state to an object Storyline has built in logic that automatically changes the state to hover or selected. 

The select state is not intended to be used as you describe. It is to show that the button or object is currently selected. To do what you want, I'd advise creating a custom state called Done for each object. And then you  to need to set up a true/false variable to determine when to change the state to Done. So for factor 2 - you create a true/false variable called factor2Done and set the default to false. Then slide on 1.2 you need to add a trigger that says change state of 2s to done when the timeline starts if factor2Done  is true.  Then on the last slide of the factor 2 quiz you need to add a trigger that sets variable factorDone to true when the timeline starts.

I am not sure why your slides are not showing when you preview - it could just be a memory issue because the project is so large.

And I have not looked into why you can't select another quiz but try fixing the issues with the results first and then take it from there.

I would strongly advise that you break this course up into multiple storyline files -It will make previewing and testing a lot easier.

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