Help! Looking for E-learning Modules FOR Designers to the Learn Best Practices of Typography

Nov 20, 2015

Are there any e-learning modules for students of graphic design, web design or even instructional design? I think this group of designers could use an e-learning module to train student designers in the most import basics of typography. Because let’s face it, as a design student I know my class projects came and went so fast that I barely had time to touch the very tip of the typographic iceberg. It has been through the job world and my own fascination with typography that I began to really hone my typography skills. A typography e-learning module seems like a good supplementary learning tool for design students. It certainly could help to resolve a trial-and-error approach of “practicing” typography design that many designers seem to go by. Plus, it could reduce the number of type crimes the general public has to face on a day-to-day basis. I would really like to see if there are any existing typography e-learning modules out there?

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