Help me spend money!

Hey everyone,

Thought I'd pose this question here. Coming to the end of the financial year my company has some money to play around with (up to $15,000). We are heavily invested in e-learning so they asked me if I want to buy anything.

Now I am an avid storyline user so we already have that. I also have Camtasia, Captivate, Photoshop CS6, Sony Vegas, Cyberlink Powerdirector, a good digital camera and camcorder and a pretty good LMS. My question is to all of you who do a lot of e-learning. What else would YOU buy? Thanks in advance.

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Besides the really obvious choice of hiring me for a couple of months ( Note to Bruce : Back me up and I'll negotiate a "recommendation fee" with you behind the scenes :P ), here's what you could go for.

a. Provided you have the necessary office space, I'd set up a small production studio with a green screen and some voice over equipment - those would come in handy if you do a lot of audio and video.

b. Invest in some stock media sites (audio and photography) so you always have resources available.

c. Spend some on training for more complicated tools such as After Effects and Flash/Actionscript so you get the best of Storyline without the current animation restrictions.

Last but not least : 

d. A nice weekend holiday - all paid for by your company of course - in a nice place somewhere, as a thank you for not wearing your budget as thin than a needles pin? Come on, you know you deserve it!   

That's all I can think of right now.



craig hogan

Sounds like a good place to be at the end of year.

What about buying a some online courses to allocate to your staff, possibly courses you don't have in house already or on subjects that they would find interesting and may not have a direct benefit to the company as a whole, but would keep them happy?

Nancy Woinoski

Aside from hiring me, Bruce and Alex as consultants and Jerson for graphics how about not spending it at all.  I know in the corporate world there is always a rush at the end of the year to spend your budget for fear of losing the money but honestly if you can't think of a way to spend it then don't spend it.

Alexandros Anoyatis

Since you're going along with this, make sure you spend as little as possible on the green screen itself ( most of the decent ones will only cost around 100 USD anyway) and as much as you can on the lighting - lighting is key for reliable chroma keying!

A mid-range DSLR that can shoot 30fps is also probably a good idea.

If you plan on doing any on-site recording, an Editors Keys condenser microphone bundle will also help - its compact and you can even plug and record directly on an iPad (while using the iPad to read your script at the same time).

i could really go on and on with this...........

In due time, you will hopefully enjoy a noticeable decrease to the budget previously allocated towards these processes. 

Good luck - and be sure to post some pictures when you're done with this!

Just my 2c,