Help on building game with scoring in the form of "like" meter

I am wanting to create a job interview game module where the interviewee answers questions, and based on those questions, the "like" meter either goes up or down. 

I can form the branching scenarios, but cannot figure out how to have a running meter based on points. I figure that I will have to build numerous meters at different levels and then link back to each one that represents the "points" acquired for each question. But how do I develop a running score throughout the module?

Any ideas??

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Martin,

I would set up a "Like" dial on a lightbox slide that was neutral in the middle, with positive to one side and negative to the other. Dependent on the answer given to each of the questions, I would add / subtract a value of one to / from the variable that drives the dial. At any stage during the course, the lightbox slide would be able to be accessed from a "check your score" button and the user could then see how they were doing on the "Like" scale.

Hope this helps.

David Price

One way to do this may be to place the meter on the master slide (if your project allows for it).

Your "meter" will need to haver a number of different states that show it at different points.  You could have as little as 3 (neutral, positive and negative) right up to dozens (depending on how granular you want it).

You would need a variable that tracks the score and triggers on your slides will add or subtract "points" from this total score.  On your master slide you would have a number of triggers to change the state of the image when the variable changes.  You would need conditions on your triggers that would look for the total score being between certain values.  For example; if 'totalscore' is between 0 and 9 then change state of 'meter' to 'state1',  if 'totalscore' is between 10 and 19 then change state of 'meter' to 'state2', etc, etc