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I have been working on this solution for one of my instructors for a while now. This is for a Diesel Mechanics training program. What they currently do is have students fill out a work order form (similar to one they would have in industry) whenever they do a hands-on lab. 

The instructor and I have been working on transitioning his program's work online using Moodle. Getting this work order form together has been difficult :)

What I've been able to come up with after much searching is attached. The instructor wants these fields to all be on one slide and after the student has submitted, he should be able to pull up what was submitted and grade. 

Is this possible? With what I have attached, the layout is perfect, but I can't submit in Moodle. I click submit and nothing happens (I'm sure it's because it's multiple fields on one slide?)

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Jeff Batt

Thomas - I have modified your Storyline file. Here is what I did. I used Text Variables to store the data from the text entry fields you had on page one. The text entry fields automatically store whatever the user inputs into a randomly named variable but to use the variables later I renamed the variables that each text entry would save to. 

For example the date text entry field I created a text variable named Date. Then I updated that text entry trigger to change the name variable Date instead of the random named one. Variables are storage locations that we can update at a later time and this text entry field is now updating and changing it's value whenever I type something new in. What that means is I can then access and use that data from the variable at a later time. 

I go into detail about text variables on my blog. So I create a text variable for each text entry field. Now all I need to do is display it. So I created a new page and created different text fields. These are normal text fields so the learner cannot just type something in, they are mean to display text so if I want to display the content of the variable I surround the name of the variable with percentage signs at the beginning of the variable name and the end of the variable name. This tells Storyline to replace that part of the text with whatever data was entered in. So going back to the date variable I typed in this text to display the date. 

Date: %Date%

Now when I preview the interaction and on page 1 enter in the date and go to page 2 it displays the text like this to the learner.

Date: 1/5/15

Because all this data is stored in variables you can also use whatever they type in as something you can have them print out. I went through and updated all variables and am displaying all of that on page 2. Take a look. Hope this helps.

Thomas Thoss


I apologize for the long delay in getting back to you. I got sidetracked with another project. This is great and will definitely work!

Do you think there's anyway to set this up so that the instructor is able to pull up the information in Moodle? What I'm thinking is that it is setup as a quiz and he is able to open up the student responses, grade them, and close it out. I can't figure out if it's possible to have this setup that way.

If not, I've already told him he'll probably have to have the students print to .pdf and submit that as the assignment.