HELP! :-) PowerPoint Action & Embedded Web Video to Articulate?

Apr 28, 2011

Hi there. I am very new to Articulate, and I am trying to publish my PowerPoint 2010 presentation to an Articulate LMS or even just a standard-issue Corporate Communication (template). Two questions:

1. In my PowerPoint presentation, I have a master slide setup with navigation bars on the edge using PowerPoint Actions. However, I am unable to get the PowerPoint Actions to work in Articulate publication. Is the Action feature supported in Articulate? If not, how can i duplicate the feature in Articulate?

2. On one slide, I have an embedded web link to a YouTube video, and it works great on PowerPoint. No workee in Articulate (just a blank, black box). How can I recreate this in Articulate?

Thanks in advanced.

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It looks like embedded web HTML link does not work in Articulate, only the URL to the video site itself. For example, the video I am trying to embed in my Presentation is on YouTube:

But that shows the actual YouTube web page with comments, etc. The video itself is at (embed HTML):

In PowerPoint, I can just put the "embed HTML" and only the video shows, not the comments or other YouTube stuff.

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