Help Wanted: Instructional Designer and eLearning Consultant

Dec 10, 2013

I am looking for an individual well versed in storyline and instructional design methodologies to help produce content for the initial launch of a new LMS.  Please contact me for more details!


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Bruce Graham

Hi Melanie,

Can you please give us a little more information?

Do you care where the ID is located?

How much time will be required (estimate), and what are the timelines?

What will the ID "bring to the party"? Is the content all ready, and needs to be built, or will the ID need to be working with SMEs and so on. You say "" - so what help exactly?

Anything you can bring to elaborate would be very useful.


Melanie Daughtrey

Hello all,

The location of the instructional designer is not relevant to the project(s).  I am reaching out to build relationships with individuals that could be used on an on going per diem basis to help built premade content, some discussion on interactions and requirements may be required otherwise it is building courses from established curriculum.  Timelines are going to vary and while we evaluate the need to bring in an additional resource I am looking to this community to see if I can gain some assistance from an individual(s) who would like to have some project work helping to build courses with content supplied.

Right now I have a few modules in various stages of completeness that need to be loaded to our LMS by early January with minimal additional changes other than adding voice over content and the appropriate triggers to allow the course to flow effectively for the end user. 

Please contact me via email if you are interested in learning more or discussing details related to ID project work. 

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