Headstrong Presents: Webinar on the Basics of Instructional Design

You are responsible for managing your organization's eLearning programs. You need to be on the forefront of the industry's latest developments and you need to know how you can use them to improve your own strategies and programs.

E-learning fundamentals are always evolving with new development and delivery tools. Are you up to date on today's approaches?


Headstrong is hosting a complimentary webinar on "The Basics of Instructional Design for eLearning". Join us to find out how the Instructional Design process solves eLearning problems in a corporate setting and can help you maximize the effects of your programs.

This webinar will discuss:

  • Why Instructional Design Matters: The history of one of education's best kept secrets
  • The Instructional Design process: An explanation of the common elements and most commonly used models and how they apply to you
  • How Instructional Design solves eLearning Problems: What Instructional Design processes meet the needs of eLearning professionals
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