Help with layers/triggers to create a "5 star" rating...

Hi all - I'm pretty new to Storyline 2 (despite having it for over a year).  I'm working on my first real module for "Problem Resolution".  I've done ok so far, creating the "info" scene, but I'm stuck on the real life scenario scene.  I had downloaded the Job Interview template ( because I liked the general idea, but I wanted to change the progress meter to a "Yelp-like" star rating, where if the user answers the questions correctly, the rating will go up, but if they answer incorrectly, the rating goes down.  Where I'm stuck is that the base layer isn't showing the yelp review (and the character expression) until the choice is made (which is basically the feedback page).  The Total Score is changing appropriately.  I'm sure I'm missing something easy.  Help?

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Joey Buys

Hi Karen.

If I understand correctly, you want the star rating to always show at the bottom of the screen instead of only displaying when the corresponding layer is shown when the user submits their response?

If that is the case, I think it will be easier to implement some logic on the master slide that changes the state of the Yelp scale based on a variable. This will also reduce the number of layers that you require to have the desired functionality.

I have also created a single instance for the character and assigned 6 different states to her based on the star rating. The states will be changed by the TotalScore variable, similar to how the stars are changed.

I have attached my version herewith for you.

Hope this helps :)


Trina Rimmer

Hi Karen. Thanks, Joey, for lending a hand here!

Karen, I see that you mentioned being new to using Storyline so just thought I'd pop in here and drop in a link to an article I wrote recently to help folks in your shoes. It talks about using slides vs. layers, layers vs. states, and how and when to use the slide master. In light of the solution Joey came up with for you, I'm thinking you might appreciate the explanation of states with the video and the linked resources included.