Rise Scenario Building - Adding Content to Scene 2?

Jun 10, 2019

I'm building my first full course with the new Rise scenario builder. No problems creating the first scene, but I am now onto the second and I'm stuck. When I add new content, it pins to the first scene and will not allow me to drag the new content into the Scene 2, where it belongs. Is content meant to be dragged/dropped into different scenes, or is there a function I'm missing somewhere to select which scene the new content is to be directed to?

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HITC eLearning

When will it be possible to add more than one characters in a scenario scene? Thus it will look like more real. 
Additionally, it would be nice to implement into Rise a new feature that will give the ability to create video scenarios. Or, add the ability to embed videos in the choices of the existing scenario block. 

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