How do you feel about the addition of "Please" (audio/text) in courses

I wanted to get your thoughts and feelings about adding " something" using audio and/or text to a course.  For example, in a software simulation, it would say "Please click on the Toolbar to blah blah blah......"

Do you add " something" to your courses?  Why or Why Not?



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Julie Stelter

Hi Dana,

I like to use "please" in the audio, but rarely use it in onscreen text. I don't use the word "please" consistently though through a course's audio. I insert it when it comes in naturally when writing the script. I like to keep onscreen text directions to a minimum so I don't include it there. I feel this and many other techniques help make the writing more authentic and interesting.

Cheers, Julie

Bob S

I think this is one of the things that's cultural. The expectation varies by country (think: Japan vs Australia), even regions within a country (think: Southern gentility vs Northern brashness in the US), or even by company.

Regarding company culture, here's a blast from the past that a select few of you might remember from our youths.... 

Q: "Cheese on 12, please?"
A: "Thank you, cheese on 8 please"
A: "Thank you, cheese on 8"

Dana Kocalis

Thanks for everyone's perspectives.  I lean more towards Greg's way, less is more.  I watched this great Ted Talk from the creator, George Fan, who created Plants vs. Zombies and the process that he went through to put include as few words in the game as possible.  I was going to add the link here, but now I can't find the Ted Talk.