How do you manage team reviews of pre-course content, e.g., MS Word & PPT files

Feb 05, 2019

We have a large amount of original (and old) content within Word and PPT that must be reviewed by at least 6 people. Their reviews, comments, revisions, etc will become the source document for the new online courses. Do you use an online review process like Articulate Review to do this? Review My eLearning is for courses only not pre-course content and things like Google Docs might scare some of the reviewers. Any suggestions? thanks.

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Joyce Hensen

My usual way to handle this is to ask one of the SMEs to serve as the contact person. The selected SME will collect the feedback from the group. Have each SME respond using track changes on a copy of the original document(s). The "contact person" will compile the responses, resolve any conflicts and send the finalized feedback to you.

This results in the SME group working internally to come to agreement about accurate and complete content. It also helps avoid you having to work with conflicting information. It assures that the SMEs are on the same page before you develop your materials for their review. If the SMEs have different functions that do not overlap, you might need to have lead contacts for more than one area, for example a policy person and a technology person.

Hope that helps!

Tom Kuhlmann
  • My first thought is to upload to Google Docs and then do a screencast tutorial. Peek works fine for this. I'd rather deal with the one or two people who can't quite figure it out then have to mess with the exponential complexity of managing the feedback of 6+ people.
  • For PPT, you could import into Storyline and publish to Review. They could add notes in the comments.
  • If you use Dropbox, there's a way to share/comment on files.
  • MS office has a review feature. You can add comments and pass the file around.



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