How do you use this forum and the specific solutions that you find?

Aug 30, 2017

This is one of the best forums for L&D but I think that I am not utilizing it correctly and feel stupid. What do you do with an interesting question/response? Sometimes I will download, some go on Evernote, sometimes I bookmark it, some are put in my C drive for future use, etc. Sometimes the side column "Related Topics" are as good as the original question but how do you use all of these resources so that your procedures are effective and efficient for present and future recall and use? Am I overlooking something so simple that I am blind to it? Does Articulate use a Knowledge DB for its own staff for all of the forum's posts? 

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Allison LaMotte

Great question, David! Did you know you can actually bookmark discussions right on ELH? If not, check out this screenshot. You can find all your bookmarks on your profile page (see screenshot). You can even sort them by category (discussion, download, etc) which makes them super easy to keep track of!

If there are a lot of things you'd like to bookmark and you think you need a better way to organize them, maybe something like Pinterest would work well. You could create a different boards for different categories. Just an idea! ;)

Dave Goodman

I have been bookmarking for a long time but need a better way to search/recall a larger amount of the knowledge here. EX - it would be good to have a section devoted to using js in SL2/3 or a composite of all the trigger usage. The new compilation would have the specific bookmarks, the Related Topics, any of the examples that others have offered, the related Freebies, etc. My frustration is that I am creating just another example of info overload for myself that is not efficiently grouped. Thanks again for listening.

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