Color scheme for Templates-Top Interactions


I am trying to figure out on how to change the color scheme of some interactions in storyline without doing it all over again for future courses. (Button states, font colors and styles, Background colors etc)

I have been using Articulate Engage and I can easily change the color scheme of a Tab interaction using my saved skin. We are now trying to migrate using storyline but I can't seem to figure on how to easily change the color skin and easily re-use it on future courses.

Do you guys have any idea on how to do this or is this a feature storyline doesn't have right now?


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Dennis Hall

Hi Gian:

Are you trying to change the color scheme in the player of your interactions (content)?

If in the player, there is the player button on the Home ribbon and within that panel, the colors button.

If in your content, you can change color schemes in the Design ribbon.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Gian Carlo Almiranez

Hi Dennis,

Yes, I'm trying to change something in my content especially the button colors and states. Thanks for replying. I will start with the design ribbon before I import anything so that everything I create goes with the color scheme of the project. And probably the master slides.