How important of Apply game and gamification in Elearning and Training?

Jul 12, 2021

Dear expert,

I am from Vietnam and in my company we're starting to build eLearning content. I advised to my boss to use Game and apply gamification in elearning and LMS but they think it's not necessity. 

I want to prove to them that we must have use game and gamification technique because it is very important and it's the must do Trend. But I don't have any evidence here. Can you help me the example, Statistics, research, report etc. that show the important and useful of apply game and gamification in Elearning and LMS.

Thank you so much

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Pradnya Maske

Hi Linh,

The gamification of learning allows learners to see the real-world applications and benefits of the subject matter. Gamification in eLearning can be remarkably effective. 

Top 7 Benefits of eLearning are as follows

Makes eLearning Fun

 Enhances the Learning Experience

Increases Learner Motivation

Gamification Provides a Framework for Microlearning

Instant Feedback Facilitates Learning

Effects Behavioral Change

Improves ROI

Check in detail here Benefits of gamification & some real examples 

Also Watch this to know examples, stats & Reports. 

Hope above answer will help you. 

Linh Nguyen Phu

Thank Sarah and Pradnya so much. I have read what you recommended and it has a lot of useful information. But i Still need something to make a best proposal. Do you have any statistic or research for the question: "How many company in the world have apply the game learn and gamification in their organization". "How effective when applying game learn and gamification in eLearning (data by chart)" etc.