How To Animate Drop and Drag Items

I've searched the discussion board and can not find this "how to";

 Here's what I'm trying to accomplish:

Have several items moving on a continual horizontal loop until the user has drop/drag "captured" all and placed on a target.

 I animated one of the items using the Motion path and was able to select (capture) the item before it disappeared off the screen. However, I was allowed to drag it, but upon release the item dropped back to were it left off and continued moving. The funny thing is the submit registered it as a completed drop.

 Is there a way to do this? Its not crucial that I have this type of interactivity. This challenge is a mental one. I just don't want it to be so statically.


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Here is the approach I took to make this work. You can play around with this to adjust to a faster animation and add a variable to reset/repeat the animations.

1) I set the animation properties as follows:
     - Direction Left
     - Speed Slow
     - Relative Start Point
     - Duration = 1 second
     - Width (length of the path) = 72
2) I added a T/F movement control variable with a default value of True which gets turned to false when the mouse hovers over the animated object
3) I added Cue Points at each second in the timeline and added a trigger to each cue point to run the animation IF the control variable = True

So what does this do? At each second in the timeline, the animation is triggered to run for one second and moves the object a distance equal to its width from wherever it last left off...unless the mouse hovers over it. This stops or negates any subsequent animations, allowing the user to drag and drop the object.



I see and understand what you have done, thank you.

Though I have not used Cue points before, this is an incentive to start.

1) Once I copy/paste the triggers from the first object you created to all other objects, I'll then know what needs to be modified within the animation properties.   {check}

2 & 3) At first, these steps were way over my head in its' written format. However, as I began to play with it and see it in action "as I'm a visual learner",  I totally get the Triggers/Cue points placements and the "Move_*" conditions.   {check}

Not only did you correct the issue, you went above and beyond the duty by posting proper instructions. Thanks for not dumbing it down. Actual use of the Articulate terms helps to understand the software better.

Peace to you!