Drag and drop states in Storyline 1.6

Dec 16, 2014

I have a freeform drag and drop interaction, and some questions.

Question 1. It is possible to move drag items out of the drop target, and back to their origin. Sometimes the state stays set to Drop Incorrect, sometimes it reverts back to the original state. How can I get this to be consistent? Either always showing Drop Incorrect, or always refreshing to the original state?

Question 2. It is also possible, when moving drag items out of the drop target, to put more than one drag item into the same origin spot. Is there a way to prevent this? To set it up so that drag items are always returned to their own home spot, and not just to the original location of any drag item?

Thanks for your help, I've attached an example, so you can see what I'm talking about.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Karen,

1. The simplest way to ensure it'll always return to it's normal state is to add a trigger to adjust the state of X when it's dropped on the box (original location). The dropped correct/incorrect states will work automatically based on how you set up your drag and drop options. 

2. If you set it up as mentioned above, if the user tries to return it to another box, they'll see it's still marked as incorrect. That way they'd at least know it's in the wrong location to move it.  If you also enable the original locations as "drop targets" without any correct drag items, than the option to "allow only one item in each drop target" will kick any out when you try to drop a new one in there. 

karen forkish

Hi Ashley,

Thank you so much for your help!

I did as you suggested, and added a trigger for each drag item, to change
the state back to normal when it is dropped onto any of the original
locations. And that works, unless you try to drag two items onto the same
space (who would do such a thing?),

I set all the background graphics of the original locations to be drop
targets, with no matching drag items, and have the option checked to
"allow only one item in each drop target" but that bit isn't working for
me. Even though I've said to allow only one, you can drag two items onto
one (fake) drop target, and then the drag items change their state to Drop

We can probably live with that, but I do wonder why more than one draggy
thing can be placed onto a drop target that has been set to not accept
more than one item. I must be doing something else wrong.

Thanks again for your help! I really appreciate it.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Karen,

Do you want to share an updated copy of your .story file here so that we can take a look at the set up and changes you've made?Also, I'm guessing based on your forum subject line you're using Storyline 1 update 6? We're now on Update 8 and I'd recommend updating to the newest just in case that helps resolve any odd behavior. 

Also, as an FYI your signature is included in forum posts when you reply via email and you're welcome to edit the post to remove that information. 

karen forkish

Thanks Ashley, it's always good to know what information you're sharing! Especially when it's inadvertent.

Here is the updated version of my Storyline file, and yes, it's Storyline 1.6 I'm using currently. I would love to update, and actually have Storyline 2, but this course is about to be deployed, and we were hesitant to change versions when all of our testing has been done with this version.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Karen,

Thanks for sharing the file here. Storyline 1, has a new update - update 8. You may want to update to the latest which won't have an impact on your course design but just ensure you're up to date with all fixes and elements. After you deploy the course, you could go to Storyline 2 update 3. 

What's interesting with your file, is I can drag two items back into one of the original boxes, and they both stay (unexpected) but their state does change back to normal. So it's half working - I cannot add a third drag item into the same box, then it'll kick one of them out. Additionally, I tried creating a brand new box in your file and set that up as a drop target, and that one only allowed one item at a time. I tried importing the project into a new file to see if that would resolve some of the issues, but they persisted. I'm not able to recreate this in a new file though, so it seems to be an element of corruption within how these boxes were created. Can you confirm that you're working as described here? 

karen forkish

Hmmm, interesting. I do always save and publish to my local hard drive, so I don't know how the interaction might have gotten corrupted. But, from what you're saying, it sounds like I could rebuild the interaction and might not have the problem with duplicate drag items inhabiting one of the original box locations.

Thank you so much for all your hard work, and research!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dmitry,

Without seeing your actual file - it may be a guess, but what about using the option for drag items dropped outside any target and returning them to their original location as shown here:


Do you have other states associated with the drag items that are changing the state once clicked for example? It may help if you're able to share a file here and then we can offer more suggestions based on that. 

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