how to build an interactive video with quiz questions and more than one option to submit the answers

Feb 22, 2024

Dear Community,

I got a request to setup some questions in different moments of a video and instead of simply allow the users to submit the right  answer(s), they also have to select one of the following options: “I know it for sure”, “I think I know it”, “I am not sure”, and “I don’t know”.

The idea is to get not only the score of the right and wrong answers (I have questions from multiple response, false or true, drag and drop. etc) but also to have at the end of the interactive video quiz a summary that shows the percentage of questions that the user answered as “I know it for sure”, “I think I know it”, “I am not sure”, and “I don’t know”.

Many thanks in advance for any ideas you can provide me.



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Judy Nollet

You'll need to use variables to track how the user answers those extra questions. Here's one way to do it: 

  • For each possible response (I know it for sure”, “I think I know it”, “I am not sure”, and “I don’t know”), create a number variable with a default value of 0. 
  • On each question, do this:
    • Add buttons for those extra choices. Be sure they are not part of the graded question. They should be in their own button set to ensure that the user can only select one.
    • Add triggers to the Submit button that add 1 to the appropriate variable based on which button is selected. Since there are 4 options/variables, you'll need 4 triggers.
      • For example, one trigger would add 1 to the  variable for "I know for sure" with the condition that the "I know for sure" button = Selected. The other three triggers would be set up the same way, but using the variable & button for the different responses. 
      • Be sure to move these triggers so they come before the Submit trigger. 
    • You'll also need triggers to ensure the user selects one of the responses. For example, a trigger could change the Submit button to Disabled when the timeline starts. Another trigger could change it to Normal when any of the special-response buttons = Selected. 
  • By the time the user gets to the Results slide, the number variables will indicate how many times they answered with each response.
    • The easiest way to display that info to the user would be to show each variable separately. If you want to provide percentages, you'll have to use another number variable, and create triggers that do the math. 
    • If the user can retake the quiz, you'll need triggers to reset the variables to 0. 

Note: That info from the custom variables won't be submitted to the LMS. If you need to have it submitted, refer to this article: Storyline 360: How to Send the Value of a Variable to an LMS/LRS - Articulate Support

It’s worth the effort to learn about variables and trigger conditions, because they provide the real power in Storyline. Here’s the User Guide info: