How to build better learning games, than mine.

I just saw this fantastic article about how to build good learning games in Storyline and wanted to share. Note I say how to build good 'learning' games - not just good games. Because there is a difference, and I personally was not always aware of it. When I first started using Storyline I would create a new game every week. It had a great effect on my career - I got to know Storyline really well, started teaching how to use it, people would download my templates to use and showcase them on Articulate sites, but and this is hard to admit - I never actually used any of them, not one, in my courses for business. Possibly for a variety of reasons, but mainly I think because they weren't good learning games - they didn't have relevancy if they weren't custom made, they didn't have levels or rewards, didn't encourage you to try over and over to achieve mastery. So if you have one of my games, you might want to read this and see how you could improve it! I know I will be! 

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Nicole Legault

Thanks for sharing this with the community Jacinta and it brings up the valuable point that's been discussed here in the community before, which is that adding games doesn't really make a course "better" or necessarily help a learner unless it is instructionally relevant and meaningful to the learning experience. Very good lesson to learn!! Thanks again for sharing!