How to Build Your E-Learning Portfolio

Apr 28, 2015

Based on my How to Build Your E-Learning Portfolio session, presented at several community roadshows and Learning Solutions 2015, I'm creating a four-part series explaining how to build your e-learning portfolio. Posts will come out every Monday for the next month, and I look forward to seeing some more e-learning portfolios coming out of our community!

Check out Part 1 here:

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Wendy Prantner

Thanks for sharing this, Ashley. I enjoy your sarcastic humor and expertise. :-) Do you still self-host your WordPress? I have thought about doing this with my WP blog, but just not sure it is worth the time to setup and maintain. Maybe there are better solutions for my portfolio? Do you have any other suggestions on where to house your content other than Google or Dropbox?

Ashley Chiasson

Wendy - I do still use self-hosted WordPress, with no plans on changing in the near future - I'd definitely recommend it :) 

Outside of Google or Dropbox, you're looking at paid services, but there are a ton of great ones out there. Tracy Parish actually has a good list of file storage resources: - hopefully this helps!


Wendy Prantner

Thanks for the ninja-fast reply! :-) I will check out the resource you provided and if I win the lottery I will have some options. haha Still good to know what is out there...

Thinking about this more, I thought about a portfolio site that I use, and I plan to check on what options I may have there for hosting some of this content.

Troy Ashman

Ashley - Thank you so much for your tips. I truly appreciate these as I am new to this so I'm starting to develop my portfolio etc. 

Finally, may I ask - would you ever publish to your portfolio an example of real work you've done, or only examples? I have created about 15 courses and some I believe showcase some great examples of what I can build - only concern is they are company branded etc. 

Just to recap, you have created your portfolio via Wordpress and publish your courses onto Google Drive / Dropbox? 

Thanks again!

Ashley Chiasson

Troy - Publishing actual work depends on the client; you need to have the 'am I able to use this work in my portfolio?' conversation, and if you are allowed to use the work in your portfolio, you'll want to chat with your client some more to identify what can be included (e.g. some clients only want you to include screenshots, some prefer video demos of you walking through what you did, very few seem to want you to use an entirely published course).

My portfolio was created using the MaxGalleria WordPress plugin, on a self-hosted WordPress site. I upload my courses directly to my site, and don't use Google Drive or Dropbox (for portfolio purposes).

Here's an explanation and video demo of how I upload to my site:

Here's a video demo explaining how to upload using Google Drive and Dropbox:

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