How to Build Your E-Learning Portfolio - Part 3

Hey Folks! I'm back with the third instalment of How to Build Your E-Learning Portfolio, and this week I'm chatting about how to deal with work samples that are classified, controlled, or proprietary, and where to find inspiration!


Part 3 -


You can also check out Part 1 and Part 2

To save you the trouble of clicking through, this edition of the portfolio building series discusses how to sanitize your work samples to address those air-tight non-disclosure agreements and provides an overview of how I used the Articulate E-Learning Heroes Challenges to force my creative hand and enhance my portfolio pieces.

I'd also like to pose a question: What do you find most difficult about building your portfolio. If I haven't already addressed it, I might address your concerns in Part 4 of the series :)

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Antonia Warren

Looking at these articles it doesn't seem like building a portfolio would be so hard after all. The challenges provide good meat. 

I like the simple portfolio you shared that you started with. They look like something I can create.

Can you link part 4 of the series? I can't seem to find it anywhere.