How to create an E-learning Journal (text answers) throughout a 5 module course?

Jul 19, 2022

My course is a wellbeing course based on students reflecting on "what they currently do" and "what they could improve" over 5 different areas. 

Instead of a regular quiz I would like them to reflect on these two questions at the end of each module by filling in 2 open ended text boxes. I would like the answers to be shown at the end of the course to the student so that they have an "action plan", which could be printed or emailed to themselves. 

I have seen examples of these E-Journals but very little infomation on how to technically create them. Any ideas or help? 

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Bianca Woods

Hi Sean. Welcome to the community!

Reflection activities sound like a great way to wrap up modules in a course on wellbeing. If you want a quick way to build an e-learning journal activity into your course, you might want to try out this printable free-response slide template from our Downloads page. It's a bit different from the experience you described, since learners need to print each reflection question individually. But it would be very fast way to make the reflection questions printable.

If you have a little more time, though, there is a relatively easy way to make that all-in-one action plan that collects all their responses on one slide: use data entry fields. First, at the end of each module, create different data entry fields for each reflection question. Each new data entry field will also automatically create a variable that saves what learners enter into it.

Next, at the end of the course, just create a slide that uses variable references to display what learners entered into each text field. Finally, add a Print Screen button and a tiny bit of JavaScript and you're all set for printing. Storyline 360's variable features make this whole process simple and stress-free!