How to create an opening/closing eyeball effect in ppt?

Sep 21, 2011

I am trying to build a sequence for a course that from the first person perspective that begins with a black screen (as if you were asleep) and then you slowly open their eyes, then close them, then open them all the way and the screen gets lighter each time the eyes open. I've tried a few different custom animations and they didn't look great. I don't even need eye images, just using an oval would do as that is what I think of when I slowly open and close my own eyes.

Does this make sense, and if so, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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blair parkin

Hi Nathan

Is this the effect you are trying to achieve? I just animated some shapes moving up and down to simulate eye lids opening and closing

I sued PPT 2010 to create the eyelids, just a rectangle with an oval shape removed (I think it was intersect) and than a semi tranparent rectangle over the image.


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