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Euan Hill

Hi Timothy,

You're right! There doesn't look to be a guide on Numeric Question Slides. What do you need to know about them?

I'll put a little info below and you can give me a shout if you need anything else more specific?


Once you've selected the Numeric Slide, click on Form View to edit the settings 

Enter your question: Here is where you type the question you wish to ask

e.g. "what is 5 + 5"

Below you can then select the acceptable responses for your question

For the simple example above you would select

Value is : Equal to : 10

You can add different parameters for the numeric value or you can add additional choices (such as between/not equal to/etc). You've then got the option to choose if Any of the values are acceptable or if they have to input All of the values for the answer to be correct.

If you don't have a submit button on the page, just pressing Enter after typing the value acts as Submit, otherwise you can select a Submit button from the objects you have on the slide.