How to decide to accept or reject training request based on number of users

Hi all,

It's a failry large organization and being a new tarining team we are trying to figure out, build some kind of matrix to use as a guideline to accept or reject a training proposal.

How do I reach a cutoff number, should it be 100, 150, 200. meaning if the training is for only 200 people then maybe we dont create an online traing, but deliver it thorugh other mediums like a webinar or live class session etc.

has anyone gone through this process and if so what reasoining did you use to come up with a matrix to either accept or reject training.

The exception to this would be if a training is mandatory, then we go ahead despite the number of learners.

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Bob S

Hi Tin,

David raises an excellent point. There are a number of factors that weigh into the calculus; including business impact as one of the biggies. 

A similar discussion that lists some of the things your team may wish to consider can be found  in.... This Thread

Hope this helps and good luck.