How to Design & Deliver an Online Course Resource Guide

Are you interested in teaching or developing an online course in the future? I created this comprehensive resource guide as a tool for educators to make the online course design & delivery process more efficient and effective. Too often, educators are asked to develop and teach a course without adequate resources (i.e. time, support services) needed to acclimate them to online instructional design.

Please feel free to share the link to this resource guide with your peers. Feedback is appreciated.

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Alexander Salas

Hi there and thank you for sharing. This is a nicely designed resource with a creative approach using Rise.  Here are a few observations that may improve it: 

  1. Increase the focus of the primary purpose of the guide. We begin with a history of ID and that's unnecessary because the purpose of the guide is to "make the online course design & delivery process more efficient and effective". For example, knowing that ID got its start in WWII serves no purpose in how I may develop online instruction.
  2. It may seem ironic that this resource does not give us learning objectives, but it discusses them in great detail. This may also be a contributing factor as to why number one on this list is happening. I would recommend adding objectives for yourself as a designer and also displaying them in plain English for readers.
  3. ADDIE is not an ISD model, although is repeatedly represented as one. ADDIE is a process within ISD as depicted by Guftason & Branch (2002) I would recommend promoting it as an comprehensive process to follow and not necessarily in linear fashion.

Overall, this is a great start on what could be an exceptional guide for course design. I would get rid of section one and move Gagne's to the forefront as everything that it's explained thereafter would be reinforcing of that concept. As an alternative, you may want to add a section at the end that kind of says "There are many more concepts, theories and approaches to course design that can be helpful in your specific domain, but are just too many to discuss in detail here..." 

Thank you and good luck!