How to get inserted videos to auto-play and audio questions

Here's a question posted on Tom's blog. It covers some basic concepts, so we thought it might help to reply here in the forums.


[quote]How do I have the flash video start playing automatically, instead of having to click the play button? And, do you record the audio on the powerpoint slide in presenter before publishing or in the engage interaction?[/quote]

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David Anderson

When you add your video (.swf, .flv or .mp4) you have a couple options for where and how it plays. If you enable the playbar, you'll then have the option for setting the video to "auto start".

For recording audio, you have several options. You can record directly into Engage or record into an external program and import the audio into Engage.

You don't want to record audio directly into PowerPoint, but you could record into Presenter. I wouldn't recommend that workflow because your recorded audio would be specific to your PowerPoint slide. To use it in Engage, you'd need to export the audio and then import it into Engage.

Patricia Turner

Hello. I have a labeled graphic interaction in which I have inserted .swfs, (built in Adobe After Effects) and used a custom image as my Thumbnail. I have the size set as Auto-size, and have checked Include Playbar and Auto Start. I've asked the swf to display at Full Size. It looks great, but it does NOT auto start and I have no playbar! What am I missing? I've tried using the flash icon and the first frame of the swf as my thumbnail, but that doesn't make a difference. Any ideas?