Storyline 360 – How to Play an Audio and Video file on a single click

Jun 29, 2018

I created a button on a slide, When the user clicks the button an audio and video files need to play. I am having a separate audio and video file. When I first click the button in preview mode only video gets play and on second click the audio starts to play. But I need to play both audio and video on a single click. How do I set this up to make the audio and video files to play on single click?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Sreedhar!  I'm not sure what your trigger setup is, but have a look at my example here.  I had a trigger to pause the timeline at the beginning, and then two triggers on the button.  One trigger plays video (set to play when triggered and not automatically), and one trigger plays the audio.

I attached my sample file for a closer look!