How to "require" elearning as part of a blended course?

Mar 23, 2018

Has anyone tried a blended course w/ a required elearning component (a pre-test or some basic review material) before the ILT piece? If so, do you have suggestions on how to enforce the "required" part before class?

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john faulkes

I've been doing this with several learning initiatives, and have a few practical suggestions..

1. (You should do this anyway but..) if the eLearning is a must do, make it fun and interactive so it's not a chore.

2. Make it clear that the ILT picks up where the eLearning component finishes, i.e. you're not going to report the messages and content in the online component 'just in case'.

3. Send out periodic reminders before the ILT; with best will in the world many people will think'OK I'll do it, a little later' and then will forget.

Bob S

Hi Keith,

Can you structure the topics as "101" and "201" level courses and make the first (online) a prerequisite?

We've done this successfully in the past where folks were barred from signing up to the in-person class if they didn't meet the prereq requirement(s).

Still lots of communication required, but borrowing an approach/language your learners are already familiar with from school should help cement the requirement.

Hope this helps,


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