How to Speed Up a Video Using Articulate 360 Products

Aug 30, 2017

I currently have a screen recording that I have been requested to speed up. I have Articulate 360, and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as to how I can speed up the video without needed a third party tool. 



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Dave Goodman

Are you saying that the video is too long from a presentation point (the video simulation is 6 minutes long when it should have been done in 1 minute)? This is a production issue and is best to reshoot it more effectively. Video editing within SL is not effective for you. You will need to reduce the total frames or insert some frame transitions that would fade from one scene to another quickly by cutting out excess times/frames. One easier means is to try Camtasia and cut the video down. Can you use the scrubber bar with the video? Can you describe your needs with a little more detail. Thanks.

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