How to stop movies from playing little bit when slides begin?

Jun 02, 2017

I have a few slides in my current course where a film only lies as a backdrop. Unfortunately the film tends to play for just a tenth of a second when the slide begins. Anyone has a solution to this?

See example here:

I've also attached the storyline file.




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Anne Seller

Hi Eric,

I see what you mean. The person’s head (on the left) moves very slightly (although it is barely noticeable).

If the movie is only meant to act as a backdrop, have you considered just inserting a .PNG or .JPG of the first frame of the movie? (You can use a video editor, like Adobe Premiere Pro, to capture the first frame.) This would also reduce your file size and make it easier to load the module.

If you need to include the full movie on that slide, then please let me know and I will take a look at your .story file.

Have a nice weekend,


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