How to trigger back from new window to storyline course

May 08, 2017


I have developed a storyline course and inserted 3 videos in that course. I have created a base layer and followed by 03 layers for video. I am using the option to play video in a new window.

I want the following to happen

1. Video should start automatically in a new window as the users click on video button on the base slide.

2. On completion of the video users should see the base slide again to play another video.

Any help/suggestions are welcome



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Daniel Brigham

I did a quick look and didn't seen any triggers that would automatically close a window, though perhaps if you place the video on a layer (and then video opens in a new browser window) the window would close, if on the layer, you select the "hide layer when timeline finishes option." You can find it under "layer properties."  It might work. 

If it were me, I'd just have the videos open on layers, not in a new window. Multiple windows could create navigation problems for learners, and maybe even LMS issues, which is why you don't see this done often. 

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