I found a great example!

Oct 15, 2012

Thanks to Montse Posner Anderson I star this thread with this simple idea: "Maybe you or someone could start a thread each week and any time one of us finds a fun example, we add it to your forum post?"

Ok. I'd like to share my first example which I tried to emulate with Storyline:

I love Investopedia training videos, they're pretty clear and with a funny image and way of communicating things.

I tried this for a client, you can see the demo.

I can't share the .story file as it belongs to the client, but I'm sure that pretty good ideas will come from this.

Creators, you've been challenged!  

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Belen Casado

I also like this example (it's Spanish, but it's worth seeing).

If you jump the Intro ("saltar Intro") you enter a menu and I like several things from it:

  • you can choose people by hovering the images of the staff (equipo humano).
  • there're good animations of white text over the blackboard
  • I like the Intro where a white line is drawn and different elements appear (see image).

I tried to do something similar but... with a "slightly" different result.

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