I know I feel this way sometimes!

Apr 09, 2014

This is off topic, but I had to share.

The blog that picked up this video talks about being the only "engineer" in a business meeting, and the character in the video is the "expert," but as an ID, I feel like I can identify with this guy too!

Can you create some really interactive simulations that can teach someone everything they need to know about everything in 20 minutes? Great, I'll need it next week.


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Nancy Woinoski

Rebekah Massmann said:

Um, not sure what happened with the weird html before the link. I can't seem to fix it.

Did you copy the link from a document? that extra stuff comes in some time when you copy and paste. You should be able to fix it by editing your previous post and just deleting the extra text. To edit a post - click on Options >Edit
Jerson  Campos

What I hate is when I get labeled an expert in something just because I did a little bit of research and provided a correct answer.  I usually start getting flooded with more questions on the subject which require immediate replies. When I reply "I don't know", they usually respond "Well you're the expert on this subject, you should know" SMH

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